Things like this never come along at a good time. For us, it is that much more difficult because we just opened.

We owe literally millions of dollars and have not had the opportunity to build a nest egg to fall back on, nor had the opportunity to build clout with our community in hopes that they might help carry us through a difficult and unprecedented event like this. The owners put up their house, cashed in their retirement fund, and put it all on the line.

We have dozens of employees depending on us to pay for food, rent, gas money, etc.

But in the end, this picture is what it’s all about for all of us, right? We aren’t medical experts, we know as much as you all do. Is this the right choice? We pay attention exclusively to the CDC, WHO, and State Medical Officials. And currently, none of those are shutting us down. The zoo is still open. Way bigger businesses than us, in and out of the climbing industry, are still open. It’s a scary time for everyone, especially a new business.

Ultimately though, we want to do what’s best for our children and our community, no matter the personal cost to us. So with a heavy heart, we have decided to close, only a week after our grand opening party. As of March 15th G1 Climbing + Fitness is closed.

We hope our members stay with us and we hope they understand our decision. Yes, you could have made the choice yourself to come in or not come in, but maybe it’ll help if we decide for you. We don’t know.

We will plan to be closed for the rest of the month, and we will re-evaluate as that time draws closer. If you’re a member, please look to our newsletter as we try to work through the logistics of all this and communicate to you the best we can.

Please bear with us as we come up with a game plan for closure.

Also, please take care of yourselves. Still wash your hands, still take time to laugh with one another, and even if we all physically distance ourselves, please stay connected, even virtually, with one another. We hope to see you all, healthy and happy, in the very near future.

– The G1 Team