Dear Members,

On Saturday we felt like it was our responsibility to take action and make the difficult choice on behalf of our members to close the gym to help combat Coronavirus COVID-19. Thank you for hanging in there the last few days as we work through a plan for moving forward.

We just opened our gym and already we are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. Thank you so much for all the kind words, social media posts, emails, and phone calls. It has done wonders for our staff’s morale, which you can imagine, is quite shaken right now. We know many of you are concerned about our staff and please know that we will be financially supporting them to the best of our ability through this difficult time. We will do this for as long as we possibly can and many of you have already offered to continue your membership in a show of support during this crisis. We cannot say thank you enough as it is clear that we need to make a plea to our members to help ensure we can do this. We recognize not everyone is in a financial position to support us during this closure as you yourself may be facing some hardships of your own. If you are in a position to help though, it would mean everything to us if you kept your membership going. It is a tough choice, we know. Unfortunately it is one you will have to make for yourself, and there is no judgement on our end whatsoever. Members, we understand that closing means you have paid for a product that we cannot deliver. We hope you understand it was the right call and we will spend the rest of our days in business making it up to you. So, in regards to your membership, freeze it, keep paying for it uninterrupted, terminate it; you do what is best for you. Our number one priority is to help take care of our community and rest assured, we will all get through this.

If you are considering freezing or cancelling your membership in response to our efforts to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, we completely understand. G1 is a small, locally-owned business that employs 37 people, many of them full time, from the Broomfield/Westminster/Arvada area; they along with our members (you!) are the community that helped build this gym. For that, we will always be committed to providing the best experience possible. We hope that you have enjoyed your time at G1 and remember that when making your decision in regards to your membership. We will use this time to continue to evaluate our programs, improve our offerings, clean and set new routes, etc.

Some of you have asked if there’s anything else you can do. Keeping your membership would be great. In addition, you can purchase a gift card or a new membership from our website, and encourage others to do the same. Any support is huge for us right now.

For existing members, some course of action is required on your end. Please follow the links below to proceed:

·      Keep Your Membership Going to help us keep our employees paid!
·      Buy a Gift Card – We’ll all be back and your gift card will help pay our employees.
·      Buy a Membership – Be a part of the community we love so dearly

·      Freeze Your Membership – you can freeze your membership for free. If requested, we will credit you back for March dues as of March 15.
·      Cancel Your Membership – use the membership change form to cancel your membership.