So – can you really define G1 Climbing + Fitness by just the name?

    Yes of course climbing is at our core. We are the tallest gym in Colorado with over 50 vertical feet of climbing terrain. We have a crazy steep lead cave, 15-meter speed wall, lead climbing, toproping, and bouldering galore.

    Yes we place an equal emphasis on fitness. We don’t just throw that on as a tag line to seem cool. We live it. Our cardio equipment, weights, yoga studio, and fitness class room is on the first floor because we believe in the full integration of fitness. It’s not on the top story, tucked away in some back corner, isolated from the main area. It’s front and center. We know your training and health requires more than just climbing. We have trainers and staff to help with that wholistic approach to your well being.

    But that’s only part of the story. We strive for something greater than perfection. If you feel something is perfect, you become complacent, stagnant. Ingenuity is lost. Progress is lost. We strive for something different – we strive for constant improvement. When we open – this will be the best gym you’ve ever seen. And then, we’ll make it better. Not once, but constantly. Incessantly. It’s what drives us.

    And how will we achieve this? Community. While that is the most used buzzword in our industry, we walk that talk very differently than other gyms. Our community is intentional and visible – in our philosophy on how we hire, treat, and retain employees, in how we designed our space, in how we engage with you the customer, and in how we give back to the outdoor climbing areas surrounding us. If you feel like you belong to your community, you take care of your community. We’ve been doing exactly that for decades. Now we will do it through a climbing gym.

    We hope you’ll be a part of it in 2019, as we overcome all the delays that have slowed our opening to this point. We greatly appreciate your patience and know it’ll be worth the wait.

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