If you are participating in the USAC Event please head over to our Youth Programs page for more information on registering and what participating will look like this year. If you are a member or guest who is curious about how this event might impact your day-to-day at the gym, you are in the right place.

The largest impact on your day-to-day will be bouldering area closures. These will only happen this week and are outlined below. Starting Friday, November, 20th there will be brand new boulders available for everybody and anybody to try.

Starting this Wednesday, November 18th the left half of the upstairs bouldering area will be closed from 6am – 4pm.

Thursday, November 19th the right half of the bouldering area will be closed from 6am-8am followed by the entire bouldering area being closed 8am-4pm.

Friday, November 20th the entire bouldering area will be closed 8am-4pm.