Your guide to Outdoor Crags for every level!

It’s Send it September! 

Get outside and climb!

Tuesday, August 29th 2023
Solymar Valdez

So, you’ve been climbing at G1 for a while now and want to extend your skills outdoors and try out an outdoor crag, well September is the perfect time to do it! 

Did you know that Fall is actually one of the best times to get outside and explore the best outdoor routes Colorado has to offer? 

Let us be your guide to climbing outdoors during one of the best months of the year to climb! 


Before You Climb: 

The gear you didn’t think you’d need

Preparing for an outdoor climb is one of the most important parts of your entire day. You need to know where to go, what to bring, and what to expect on your climb.

Without proper prep, your amazing day out in nature could turn into a raincheck before you know it. 

A great way to prepare for a climb is to purchase a guidebook in the gear shop. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Why do I need a guide when I have Google?’ 

Well, a guidebook has information that you never would have considered when it comes to a crag. Our in-depth guidebooks have information on what crags are best to climb at certain times of the day, whether they’re in the shade or the sun, what kind of approach is necessary, and so much more! 

Grab all the gear you could need at our gear shop here at G1! 

Know before you go 

If this is your first time climbing at an outdoor crag it’s so important to know what is expected of you as a fellow climber and how to take care of our beautiful outdoor crags!

Crag etiquette 
  • Leave no trace!
  • There might not be bathrooms available so bring a wag bag! 
  • Stay on the trails!!
  • Do not disturb the plant life!
  • Don’t carve into rocks or trees 
  • No loud music 
  • Don’t top rope off fixed gear – this will degrade the gear
  • Be considerate 

Now that we’ve gotten the nitty gritty details out of the way, here are some of our favorite locations and how close they are to G1 Climbing + Fitness: 

Clear Creek Canyon – 45 Minutes from G1

A little bit of a drive, but these outdoor crags are well worth the wait! With tons of routes for every type of climber, you will no doubt find a crag to love! 


Speeding Ticket (5.6 Sport)

Don’t let this route fool you, the generous holds at the beginning will lure you into a false sense of security before they thin out at the top! 


Mr. Mistoffeles (5.9 Sport)

With climbs like Mr. Mistoffeles, you will find a challenging, well-established route that will leave you feeling accomplished and well-worn out! 


Reefer Madness (5.11b)

We hope you’ve been working on your finger strength because these crimps are no joke! Luckily you get to rest up before the second pitch! 

El Dorado Canyon – 30 minutes from G1 Climbing + Fitness


The Bastille Crack (5.7 Trad)

According to Mountain Project, The Bastille Crack is one of the most classic climbs in the country, which makes it a must-try for climbers of every level! Since it has been so highly rated, it is also very popular so make sure to go on a weekday if you want to avoid the crowds. 


The Great Zot (5.8+ Trad)

This crag is an incredible challenge for our intermediate climbers with the necessary utilization of many different techniques such as crack climbing, face climbing, and some liebacking hand jams! 


Center Route (5.11a/b Trad)

Outer Space (5.10b/c Trad)

Challenge yourself with these incredible crags that have some incredible payoffs in the form of beautiful views! 

Boulder Canyon – 25 minutes from G1 Climbing + Fitness


Logthorien (5.7 Sport)

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan then you’re going to love the Logthorien crag as it was named after an enchanted forest in the books


Huston Crack (5.9 Trad) 

This is a great outdoor crag if you are a lover of hand jams and arm bars! Truly a fun and challenging climb for our intermediate climbers! 


Vasodilator (5.13a Sport) 

Nevermore (5.13 Sport)

These crags have every type of hold and holds a puzzle at every section that, if you solve, you will conquer!

Now that you have some great crags in mind it’s time to get out there and climb! 

If you find yourself slightly nervous about going out on your own then our Gym To Crag program is the perfect thing for you! 


Gym To Crag 

Take those climbing skills to an outdoor crag and learn the skills and inside knowledge of climbing outdoors with world-class instructors and other climbers who are looking to do the same! 


Now get out there and CLIMB! 


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