Our Team

We love climbing. More than that, we love sharing our love for climbing through stories, shared experiences, and mutual stoke.

That critical piece of beta (if you want it), encouragement through the crux, the perfect belay – that’s what our community is all about.

We are the helpers, the encouragers, and the stoked voices. We scoured the climbing community to find the most talented and psyched crew and brought them together under one roof.

J. Haas


He has been climbing for more years than not at this point. His passion for climbing has evolved over the years, but he will always have a soft spot for putting up new routes via chossy adventure climbing in remote areas.

Nowadays he spends most of his free time camping, climbing, and backpacking with his two small kids, as he and his wife try to instill them with a love for the outdoors.

Erin Haas


Erin discovered climbing while following her husband, J., up obscure trad routes 15 years ago. She quickly fell in love with climbing, and then J. These days she is more passionate about the climbing community at G1 than the scary trad routes they did pre-children. Erin is fueled by the mental challenge of climbing, from finding her flow on a vertical slab, to cruxing out in the cave. Her favorite routes often include murder crimps. When not at the gym, she is probably daydreaming about adventures with her family – camping, climbing, backpacking, and exploring National Parks.

Chris Bendrell

Front Desk Manager

​​Chris is a Texas transplant with a love of climbing and mountaineering that began while climbing with his grandfather in the Cascades at age 13. He began working in the gym industry in Dallas, Texas, where he found his passion for sharing the stoke with first time climbers. After spending countless hours road tripping to Colorado, Chris moved to Denver in 2023. 

Chris Magee

Operations Manager

Originally from New York’s climbing community and having served on the board of directors at the Gunks Climbers Coalition, Chris brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our team. His journey across the United States reflects a deep passion for the outdoors, from tackling multi-pitch Red Rock sandstone to overhung routes at Red River Gorge. Settling in Boulder in May 2024, he was drawn by its year-round climbing opportunities and vibrant community. Beyond his climbing credentials, Chris is a certified personal trainer who finds fulfillment in guiding others toward their fitness and climbing goals. He values engaging with our members, swapping stories of outdoor exploration, or sharing stoke about your latest send.

Jeff Llewellyn

Adult Programs Director

​Jeff hails from Indiana, where he fell in love with climbing at a local gym and the nearby Red River Gorge. Colorado has been home since 2010, and much of Jeff’s time has been spent climbing all over the Front Range as well as many crags throughout the West. In 2014, after earning an Outdoor Recreation Leadership degree from Colorado Mountain College, Jeff set out to share his passion and knowledge of climbing with others. He began his career as a rock climbing guide in the Black Hills and at Devils Tower in Wyoming. Eventually, he made his way back to Colorado to guide and work in the climbing gym industry. Spicy slab climbing is his happy place.

Vanessa Rose

Retail Manager

Vanessa’s first outdoor climb was Cascading Crystal Kaleidoscope, an exposed multi pitch trad climb at the Gunks. After that, she was hooked on this exciting form of exercise in nature. What keeps her engaged is the friendly community and the endless mental and physical challenges that climbing provides. Vanessa enjoys teaching new climbers and sharing excitement over their accomplishments.

Keith North

Head Routesetter

Keith has been climbing since 2007 and setting since 2011.

After a brief stint out in New England, he is glad to be back home in Colorado and just a short drive from the best limestone choss around – Rifle.

Alex Lucier


Alex started climbing in Massachusetts in 2013. What really got him hooked was the community. The climbing made him feel at home. Climbing has been a safe space for him and a source of growth and introspection.
He has been routesetting for 7 years now. His Favorite catchphrase is “long hair don’t care,” but he does care very much. While setting has very little to do with the Communications degree he earned from Emmanuel College, it is the best thing that has happened to him.
Outside of work, Alex is skateboarding, enjoying the company of friends, exploring new climbing areas, and probably spending time on injury prevention.

Patrick Schabel


Patrick is originally from North Texas. He started climbing in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the sport. After a few years of strictly climbing indoors he took his first trip outside to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, where his passion for climbing grew even larger. Wanting to have a vast amount of outdoor climbing to explore he made his move to Colorado. Outside of climbing you can find him hiking, snowboarding, and playing with his dog Juno.

Cameron Ludeke

Head Coach and Youth Programs Director

Cam grew up in the suburbs of Chicago as a youth gymnast in a family of rock climbers. This meant that most family trips revolved around climbing and/or exploring new outdoor destinations and cities.

After a few years back in Illinois working as a Head Coach, Cam moved back out West now to CO and after exploring the local scene, found G1 to have the most encouraging, forward thinking, and positive atmosphere of any gym he’s visited! A fun fact about Cam is that he spends most Saturday mornings at The Taste of Denmark Bakery in Lakewood, filling up on chocolate croissants as a rest day pastime. He can’t be more stoked to be a part of the team!


Our staff serve the G1 community in a variety of ways. We are energetic, encouraging, inclusive, and passionate. Sound like you?