Atomic Physical Therapy at G1 Climbing + Fitness is an in-house, rehab and performance center dedicated to providing world-class therapy services, tailored to the uniqueness of your activity. They don’t implement quick fixes – their focus is making you better than ever: preventing future injuries, enabling you to go further & keep doing what you love

Sports Medicine Excellence

Atomic PT possesses activity-specific knowledge and experience enables them to understand injury formation, identify potential future risks, and provide sport-specific rehab & injury prevention services

Activity-Specific Rehab Plans

Every injury is as unique as the person who sustained it. That’s why Atomic PT creates individual plans with exercise programming specific to your activity, along with optimal recovery strategies integrated into your training / day-to-day activities.

Tailored Treatment Techniques

Have confidence in Atomic PT’s world-class treatments and specialized techniques, from dry needling to laser and shockwave therapy, to make sure you’re back to doing what you love as soon as possible!