The CLIMB Pass

As a small, independently-owned and operated business, it is exciting to announce that the G1 community just got a whole lot bigger! Introducing the CLIMB Pass program – where your G1 membership now gets you one day pass every calendar month to each of the following gyms: Ascent Studio, Boulder Rock Club, Eagle Climbing + Fitness, Gripstone, Ubergrippen Denver, Ubergrippen Castle Rock, and Whetstone.

We collectively believe in adding as much benefit to your membership as possible. Here’s to growing our communities together – and thank you for being part of it!

The Independent Climbing Gym Roster:

Ascent Studio
Boulder Rock Club
Eagle Climbing + Fitness
Ubergrippen – Castle Rock
Ubergrippen – Denver
G1 Climbing + Fitness


  • Must have an active, paid-in-full or recurring monthly membership at your home gym
  • Members must adhere to each participating gym’s policies including:
    • Signing a waiver
    • Taking a belay test
    • Auto Belay Orientations
    • Abiding by general facility rules (example: if the gym requires an assisted braking device [like we do here at G1])


  • Your home gym membership must be active (it cannot be frozen or terminated)
  • Your home gym membership may not have an outstanding balance
  • Trial memberships may be excluded at the discretion of your home gym
  • Membership perks from your home gym do not transfer (examples: member discounts on classes, rental equipment, or in the pro-shop)
  • Free entry to participating gyms is non-transferable
  • Gyms are often closed to the public a few days a year for a special event or holiday; be sure to check ahead of time that one of these events is not going on before your visit.