Next Level

Bouldering and Performance Power

  • Get to the next level
  • Learn new training methods
  • Climbing + Fitness

2 Hour Sessions

Get to the next level of training

Do you need to improve your base core climbing strength? Do you feel like you are not improving or have hit a plateau?

This course will teach you climbing techniques and drills alongside performance training for power related to climbing. Climbing + Fitness is not just a tag line in our name. We believe these two practices compliment each other to push you to the next level in your climbing journey. 

Each class will be broken down into 1 hour of climbing and 1 hour of lifting for 4 consecutive weeks. Each week includes weightlifting with our fitness instructor, Courtney, and climbing-specific training with our private coach, Vasya.

Prerequisite: In order to participate in our Next Level Bouldering class you must be able to climb V4+ and have at least some amount of prior experience with strength training/lifting weights.

Climbing With Purpose

During the climbing portion you will learn how to use the hangboards, kilterboard, and master different drills to develop strength and power as you boulder.

  • Week 1 – Warm up and identify individual levels to pursue
  • Week 2 – Focus on strength
  • Week 3 – Focus on power
  • Week 4 – Putting it all together

Training With Purpose

In the lifting session, you will learn how to incorporate year-round strength training to break through plateaus in your climbing performance.

  • Week 1: Understanding how to warm-up, major movement patterns, and training for hypertrophy and endurance
  • Week 2: Training for maximal strength
  • Week 3: Training for power during peak climbing season
  • Week 4: Using tools from weeks 1-3 to plan a year-round training program


  • Tuesday’s

    September 6th- 27th: 6:30-8:30pm