Climbing Private Instruction

  • Hone your footwork
  • Get stronger
  • Create personalized training program


Attain your personal goals

Our highly-qualified coaches and certified personal trainers will help you attain your personal goals, whether that’s honing your footwork, getting stronger, working on your lead head, or creating an ongoing training regimen.

Meet Our Instructors

Lynn Hill

Climbing Coach

Lynn changed the definition of what is possible in rock climbing with her first free ascent of the most famous big wall climb in the world, called The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California. A natural athlete, Hill competed as a gymnast and runner, as well as in climbing. She first roped up at the age of 14, and she excelled immediately. By the late 1970s, she was climbing near the top standards of the day. Hill discovered competition climbing during a visit to France in 1986. She quickly moved into the top ranks and won more than 30 international competitions. In 2002, Lynn co-authored a book about her life titled Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World. In 2022, Lynn produced a groundbreaking video about climbing technique called The Fundamentals of Climbing. Her current projects include a documentary film about her life story and coaching here at the gym!

Jeff Blum

Climbing Coach

Jeff Blum offers private climbing instruction with a holistic approach to physical and mental training, and a personalized approach to help you achieve your goals. Jeff has coached for the last 10 years working with climbers of all levels and ages and has also led national-level competitive youth climbing teams. Jeff also brings his background as a certified Pilates Instructor to help people cultivate better body awareness. Jeff is currently working towards his Master’s in Somatic Counseling at Naropa University, to further support his clients in developing a strong and healthy climbing mindset.

Chelsea Rude

Climbing Coach

Chelsea is the Founder of She Sends Collective, has been climbing for 24 years and coaching for 19. The majority of her climbing career was spent as a competitive climber, having spent 10+ years on the US Climbing Team with the title of Former National Champion in Lead Climbing. Chelsea has climbed both the Nose of El Cap and the Direct NW Face of Half Dome, redpointed up to 5.14b and V11 and has onsighted multiple 5.13c’s across the world. As a coach, and former US Climbing Team Coach, she specializes in coaching climbing movement, general strength, and mindset for sport & trad climbers as well as boulderers. She works with athletes who are new to climbing or a veteran working to send their first 5.14. It is her goal to help you reach your potential, bump you off your plateau and overall become a BETTER climber.

Vasya Vorotnikov

Climbing Coach

Vasya has 20+ years of comp and outdoor climbing experience. On the youth circuit, he has won two sport and three speed climbing Nationals. He won adult sport Nationals in 2012, placed in top three at ABS Nationals in 2013 and 2014, and participated in a few World Cups. Vasya’s specialties include overcoming plateaus, specific training for outdoor projects, and preparing for and executing at climbing comps.

Jillian Gerlitz

Youth Climbing Coach

Jillian began climbing on a youth team at age 7 and started competing at the national level at age 12. Growing up as a competitive athlete, she understands the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of training and competition. Her main goal as a certified USAC L2 kid’s coach is to cultivate a life-long passion for climbing, as well as determination, self-confidence, and perseverance that transcends beyond the sport. She has worked with kids of all ages, from first time climbers to internationally competitive athletes. Jillian continues to pursue climbing at a high level and is an Open National Finalist, striving to push her own limits in competitions and outdoors.

Cameron Ludeke

Youth Climbing Coach

Cam is originally from Chicago, Illinois, where he spent a lot of time in and around climbing gyms, competing in local competitions, climbing and learning as much as he could about the sport! After high school Cam moved to Arizona to attend ASU for Elementary and Special Education, and began mixing-in more outdoor climbing with his indoor training and truly found a passion for the sport. During this time he also worked at a few different climbing gyms instructing private and group lessons for all ranges of ability and age from disabled athletes and climbing team members to recovering adults and long-time athletes. This time period truly helped Cam solidify both coaching and climbing as great passions! In recent years Cam has worked as an L2 Certified USAC Head Coach, aiding youth climbers in their pursuit to compete at the national level of competition!

John Reuter

Climbing Coach

John has been climbing for almost 10 years and maintains a passion for sharing the experience with others. Throughout his climbing career he has been deeply involved in climbing instruction. From instructing youth courses to adult courses, John has taught most disciplines of climbing. John offers coaching to all and he specializes in beginner and intermediate climbers who are excited to delve into all that climbing has to offer. John tackles coaching with a practical approach, involving lots of time on the wall.


Pricing for private sessions does vary. Please feel free to contact the instructor directly regarding their rates, or email for a price by instructor breakdown.